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Choosing the best water kettle

Posted by Dwell 05/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

Here at AKA Dwelling we get asked a lot what is the best kettle for me to get?  We typically ask what is the kettle going to be used for?  Will it be used as a pour over of hot water in a tea cup?  Will it be used to brew hot water for coffee pour overs? Or will it be used to bloom large teas?  Once that is established, you will need to think on how much water or how many people you will be brewing for.


We also have to look at what type of equipment will I use to heat up the water?  At AKA Dwelling we have kettles that can be used on various services.  Some kettle will work directly on a Gas, Electric and Microwave (GEM), which are typical options from our Trendglas-Jena products.  Some kettles are able to be used on induction cooktop, electric and gas stoves but not suitable for microwaves.  These kettles are typical of our Judge and Stellar products.


Lastly there are kettles that are not stovetop or microwave safe and are only used from brewing purposed.  These type of kettle are found in our Menu kettles and adHoc kettles.


  If brewing tea for just one cup, it may be easier to buy a smaller kettle that holds less water.   1.2 Liter or 40.oz kettles are relatively small and can heat water quicker when filled to max levels and typically suitable for brewing with oneself. 


Glass Stovetop Kettles



The Trendglas-Jena 40oz water kettle glass body and glass lid is suitable for brewing water for pour over coffees and teas.  The smaller kettle is easier to handle and the down spot allows for great precisions pouring with the tapered body and wide handle make this kettle a versatile kettle for both tea and coffee. 


When looking at other larger kettles for use on GEM Trendglas-jena larger water kettles are available in two options.  Both kettles are exactly the same except for the lids. The kettles hold 60.oz of water or 2 liters.  The item that separates the two are the lids.  The kettle with the stainless lid is useful for user who may not mind the stainless steel top and want to reduce the likelihood of the lid breaking if the lid was to fall off the top of the kettle or dropped the stainless still lid is more likely to not break when dropped.  These kettles are good if you are boiling water for multiple people.  The kettles have a wide tapered handle and can be easily handle when pouring for teas or coffee applications.


Note: All Trendglas-Jena kettles are made from borosilicate glass that has been certified as allergy free glass from the EUs European Center for Allergy Research. With the Trendglas process of making great quality glass that is pore free and odor free regardless of the original liquid it contained.


Stainless Stovetop Kettles


The stainless steel kettle is used more than any other kettle and is the most common type kettles on the market. There are so many kettles that are great for multiple uses.  Just like the glass water kettles one must be asked what will the kettle be used for?  Will it be used to pour over a single cup of coffee, will I be using it as a coffee pour over kettle?  Many benefits of the stainless steel kettle are its versatility.  The stainless kettle can be used on induction, gas and electric stovetops.   These kettles are typically more durable than glass kettles due to their construction.  Stainless kettles will typically heat faster due in part to their stainless steel construction.   Most well-constructed kettles will not have taste or discolor when used.  This means that the kettles can be used in preparing different type of liquids without change the overall taste.


There are many designs that that are not being constructed today.  The choice is varied and is really to the users taste, décor and the overall use of the kettle.  Many home use the kettle in their home as a design and décor piece. If the desire is to get a kettle to use, there is a vast selection to choose from, either it be the English and the classic design or the contemporary kettles. There are stainless kettles that will fit your needs.  Stainless steel kettles are great and with proper care you should get years of life out of them with proper cleaning and drying.





Remember to ask yourself these question:


  1. How many people are you brewing for?
  2. Will this kettle have multiple uses?
  3. Kettle design?
  4. Do I need to kettle to be metal free?

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