Hassan 04/04/2017

I bought this kettle after spending a long time searching for a glass kettle that can be placed directly on a gas flame and is safe to use. This kettle is designed for this purpose.It's wonderful to watch the water boiling and see all the vapor. The glass is thick but perfectly transparent. This is the mark of German design. It's simple to clean and looks so elegant on the range. The glass becomes hot when the water is boiling, so you have to use a pot holder to handle it. It's the best kettle on the market.

James T 24/01/2017

Beautiful, more than what I expected this kettle is well built and I enjoy watching the go from calm to boiling. My wife really likes this and we have picked up the jumbo cups as well. we leave it on our stove top and it goes well with our kitchen. I would recommend this to anyone