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Intense Wine Glass Set of 2

Intense Wine Glass Set of 2

Zieher Vision Series

Red wine glass = white wine glass and white wine glass = red wine glass.  It's thought that many white wine need a much bigger platform for optimum wine presentation that what the have been in the past.  However, many red wines are given more room than necessary.  

The Vision collection are glasses based on themes and character of a wine.  The "Intense" glass is for powerful wines  that lends itself for wines that are more rustic, acidic as well as you and middle aged Bordeaux wines.  This glass is also great for opulent wines both white and red.  

The tapered neck of the glass allows for intense aromas to be hurled out of the glass. The acidity is harmoniously structured in the fruit bouquet, and completes the overall sensation of strength such that the wines are perceived with opulent intensity. The INTENSE glass provides an intensive and profound oxidation and development of the wine. It is ideal for any wine that can be decanted or served in carafes and one of the best wine glass for serving any wine.

These glasses can be seen at some of the top restaurants in the world like:

  • GÜNTER SEEGER in New York, who has been awarded multiple Michelin Stars and James Beard award winner
  • THOMAS  DÖTZER, - Top Chef Bayreuth Germany, and wine expert 
  • HERMANN PFLAUM - Top Chef and author of cooks books sold around the world

Product Details:

  • Height: 11" (280 mm)
  • Diameter:  4.13" (105 mm)
  • Capacity: 11.5 ounces
  • Lead Free Crystal
  • Made in Hungary
  • Suitable for All Red Wines, All White Wines
  • Set of 2
  • Hand Blown

    Intense Wine Glass Set of 2
    Best and most beautiful wine glasses I have ever used. Absolutely love them!
    Intense Wine Glass Set of 2
    Upon opening the box, you find the shape of these deeply undulating glasses totally sexy. Pour the wine into the glass and watch the velvet rippling waves soar around a profoundly voluminous bowl... inhale the notes kicked up from this energetic wine-playground deeply into your nostrils... these glasses are truly an experience. I have never found anything like them, (I have owned the Riedel sommelier line - and I have to say Riedel doesn't hold a candle to these). I will purchase the entire collection as soon as I finish breaking my old ones.

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