Balanced Wine Glass Set of 2

Balanced Wine Glass Set of 2
Zieher Vision Series

BALANCED For white and red Burgundy, great Piedmontese wines, highly complex but sensitive white and red wines, extremely opulent rosé wines and old vintage champagne. A perfect glass for wine that is not for decanting because of its sensitive structure, but still requires a great deal of air. This crystal emanates pure consonance. Because of its extremely wide oxidization area, extensive presentation platform and tapering design, the BALANCED glass can present even discordant wines in a concentrated and extremely elegant way. With this glass wines become a total aromatic experience without overwhelming them. At the same time, they can reveal their full aroma potential within an extremely short time, making these glasses one of the best wine glasses for serving wine.

  • Height: 250mm 9 7/8"
  • Diameter: 120mm
  • Capacity: 850ml
  • Hand-blown
  • Lead-Free Crystalline
  • Made in Hungary
  • Suitable for: All Red Wines, White, Burgundy, Piedmontese, Rose and Vintage Champagne

Balanced Wine Glass Set of 2
Wow..Firstly, the picture on the site does not do this glass justice. This glass is very large and beautiful. I was debating on the Intense glass vs. the balanced glass. Couldn't decide so I bought both....I am in love with this Balance well as the Intense glass...beautiful...thank you akadwelling

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