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Glass Water Kettle - Classic

Glass Water Kettle - Classic

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This glass stove top kettle with a glass lid is perfect for any kitchen, you can watch the water go from cold to boil.  The design of the kettle clear glass water kettle can be used to boil water, boiling instructions in German, and in English adorn this kettle.   This kettles' spout is designed with a dimple in the downspout, which is handy when using for coffee pour-overs, allowing full control of a pour with drip-free precision. 

This water kettle has the Trendglas-Jena traditional glass ball lid. This kettle is made with the Trendglas-Jena borosilicate glass 3.3 which is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions.  Trendglas-Jena is the first and so far the only business to be certified by the European Centre for Allergy research foundation you can enjoy this German Glass Water Kettle is Classic in style and design over 15 years ago and still looks stylish today.

  • 60 ounces (1.75 L)
  • Glass Body
  • Glass Ball Lid 
  • Heat Resistant 
  • Size (H|W|D): 166 mm | 220 mm | 164 mm
  • Size (H| W|D): 6.5" | 8.7" |6.5" 
  • Microwave Safe - with lid 
  • Gas Stovetop Safe  
  • Electric Stove Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Made by Trendglas-Jena
  • Made in Hungary

Glass Water Kettle - Classic
I bought this water kettle for my girlfriend as a gift and we both love it. It's really clean and simple looking and I love how you can see the water boiling. Just a tip use the smallest eye on your stove to keep the handle cool. loving it.
Glass Water Kettle - Classic
I like to see the water boil to gauge the temperature of the water. This also makes a great addition when using it for making coffee as well. I have learned to offset the handle so that I can safely touch the glass. I love the cups that come with this. Thank you AKA Dwelling!
Glass Water Kettle - Classic
Very nice kettle. I was looking for a nice all-glass kettle that wasn't cheaply made like most other ones you can find online. If I remove it from the stove right after the water starts boiling I find that I am able to hold it by the handle and lid bare-handed without it being too hot.
Glass Water Kettle - Classic
I had order a similar water kettle from Adagio. However It was made in China and was very thin. I decided to try this one from Germany and it is much better constructed. When I order the kettle originally, I called and spoke with customer service to learn the origins of this kettle was great to speak with people knowledgable about their products. The reason I was ordering to avoid getting the aluminum taste in my tea, and this kettle fits the job, nicely. The shape of the spout perfect for pouring friendly. You have to be careful when holding the lid, it gets hot.
Glass Water Kettle - Classic
It was after some years that I have made the switch from stainless steel after taking into consideration the deposits on the bottom I decided to search for a kettle that was either porcelain or glass, I decided to go for a glass one. The kettle is much lighter than my stainless steel kettle but it seems sturdy and well crafted. I used to walk away when my water was coming up to boil. Now I just sit and watch from from still to a rapid boil. Looking forward to many cups with this beautiful kettle.

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