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Trendglas-Jena Glass Water Kettle 1.2L

Sold Out! Trendglas-Jena Glass Water Kettle 1.2L

This water kettle from trendglas-Jena gets its inspiration from the Nova teapot.  The tapered body and wide open handle are taken directly from the ever popular Nova teapot.  There are some minor changes in this water kettle than its sister teapot.  The Nova teapot comes with a flat lid for storing the infuser.  This kettle spout is designed with a downspout and can be used for coffee pour overs as well.

This water kettle has the trendglas-Jena tradition glass ball lid.  Unlike the other water kettles in the trendglas-Jena line, there is no writing on the outside of this kettle.  This kettle is made with the trendglas-Jena borosilicate glass 3.3 which is highly resistant to water, neutral and acid solutions.  trendglas-Jena is the first and so far the only business to be certified by the European Centre for Allergy research foundation.


  • Holds 1.2 l (40 oz)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave Safe - with lid 
  • Gas Stovetop Safe  
  • Electric Stove Safe
  • Glass Body 
  • Glass Lid 
  • Size (H|W|D): 114 mm |225 mm | 170 mm
  • Size (H|W|D) : 4.5" | 8.9" | 6.7" 
  • Made by Trendglas-jena - Germany

Trendglas-Jena Glass Water Kettle 1.2L
I got this as a gift for my sister, and she loves that it is so beautiful, so much so I had to get one for myself. It looks much nicer in her kitchen than the typical stovetop kettle. Watching the water boil is relaxing to me and is a welcome addition to my kitchen.

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