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Trendglas JENA

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Glass Water Kettle - Classic

This glass stove top kettle with glass lid is perfect for any kitchen, you can watch the water ..


Large Glass Drinking Straw - 6 pack New

Large Glass Drinking Straw - 6 pack

We all need to do our part to reduce waste and best of all eco-friendly.  Unlike the stainless ..


Measuring Jug - Small .5L

This measuring jug is great for measuring, mixing dry and liquid ingredients.   The measur..


Office Cup XL w/o Handle (set of 2) - RARE

This set of glasses are identical to the Office Mug XL but without the handle.  A set of 2 glas..


Pour Over Kettle 1.2L

If you enjoy making pour-over coffee this kettle will be a welcome addition to your brewing process...


Salad Dressing Mixer

With this spinning top design, you can count on TrendglasJENA cleverly designed mixer to take make p..


Stainless Steel Lid Sold Out!

Stainless Steel Lid

Replacement Lid Trendglas-Jena - Fits all Glass Kettles and Teapots in the Trendglas-Jena line.2.75"..


Stovetop Glass Water Kettle w/Stainless Lid - Classic

With this glass water kettle, you can watch your water go from cold to boil.  Great clear glass..


Trendglas Jena Office Mug

Basic in its design, the Office  mug is the little brother of the standard office xl mug and ho..


Trendglas-Jena Glass Water Kettle 1.2L

This water kettle from trendglas-Jena gets its inspiration from the Nova teapot.  The tapered b..



This cover is for the 1L (33 oz) Trendglas JENA drinking bottle. Bottle and Lid are not included, t..


Coffee Maker Brasil I - S New

Coffee Maker Brasil I - S

Want a better way to spice up your mornings? Meet the Brasil Coffeemaker, make. that specialty coffe..


Cup MIKO Sold Out!


This MIKO cup is the smaller version of the ever popular Jumbo cup.  Holds just under 7 ounces ..


Drinking Bottle - White 1L

Yes, you can take it with you.  Take the benefits of the Trendglas Jena glass bottle on the go,..


German Glass Pitcher Trendglas JENA

Enjoy the glass of juice poured from the sleek and modern glass pitcher.  Made by Trendglas JEN..