Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

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Toothpick Holder

unique and humorous, this toothpick holder dispenses toothpicks from a hidden toothpick man inside. ..


Mini Measuring Mug

This mini measuring cup is very versatile and can be used in many ways.  Used for cooking, the ..



This modern take on the nutcracker makes cracking nuts quick and easy.   Cracking exotic n..


Scoop Colander

This simple kitchen utensil will allow you to drain, scoop and serve items right from the pot or pan..


Floating Tea Egg - Tea Infuser

The easiest way to the perfect tea enjoyment. Floatea, the first floating tea egg. The Floating Tea ..


Balance Spoon

Eliminate the mess with the Balance Spoon! This spoon balances on jars, cups, and bowls.  Use f..